You are looking for a free software to save your Word as PDF? Then we have the right service for you: We're a popular online document to PDF Converter. Just upload your wanted OpenOffice, PowerPoint or Word document by click into the Area which is labeled with "Drop your Word file or click to select". You also can drag and drop your document from your file explorer into the marked area above. The converting process will start immediately and only will take a short while. The processing time depends on the size of your uploaded document. The conversion will be finished after a few seconds up to a few minutes. After everything is done, you can download your PDF by clicking the offerd download button.

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How to convert Word to PDF online:

  1. Click on your document in your fileexplorer and hold the mousebutton down, move the file into the marked area above and release the mousebutton or just click into the marked area above and choose your Wordfile from your device.
  2. The conversion will start automatically, you need to wait while our servers preparing your PDF.
  3. Click the "Download PDF" button and choose the location where to save your PDF.

Our server using latest technologies to convert your Microsoft Word file into PDF format. This allows us to create your pdf files amazing fast. The longest time takes the upload of your files.

We are designed for everybody - from large businesses to individuals who need to save their doc files as PDF. You don't need any technical knowlegde just choose your file and our server do the magic.

Every document you upload will be deleted direcly after the conversion finished. The prepared PDF will only stay a short time in our cloud then it will be destroyed. Nobody will ever see your secrets.