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PDF is the best way to send documents as it prevents recipients or yourself from accidentally altering the content. However, most documents such as business correspondence, letters and other documents are created in word. You would need to convert them into PDF first before sending them. DOCX to PDF converter allows you to convert DOCX to PDF with ease and fast at a click of a button. Here are some of the salient features.

You can automatically download your file into the toolbox of the software and convert it to PDF format in one click. There are no size limits for word document nor are you required to purchase online credits. It takes less than a minute to have your document ready in PDF. The software offers the same quality service with any file size or multiple uses.

We can convert word processing documents from any software into PDF without discrimination. We work with Linux, Mac and Windows among others. We are compatible with any operating system without the need for installing a third-party software.

We do not retain any files that you convert in our platform. An hour after the conversion of the file all your files will be removed from pour database forever. You can find more information about our commitment to privacy by checking our privacy policy below..

Once you use our software to convert your word documents. The PDF documents will look the same as your word documents. The formatting of the document spacing and font does not change in any way. We not only ensure that the content is the same but also ensure the look and formatting also remains the same.

All file processing actions take place in the cloud on our servers. This way, we do not consume any space or processing capacity in your computer. Our servers are also highly efficient and safe. Therefore, there is no risk that your documents will be accessed by any other party including members of our team.

Microsoft has been making changes and modifications to the newer versions of word processors. However, with our software, all the new software settings are maintained in your PDF document. Feel free to use all the features of your software and have them transferred to your PDF document.

How to Convert Word to PDF using the Online DOCX to PDF Converter

  1. Start by dragging and dropping your DOCX or DOC file into the space provided in our PDF converter software. Once the file is fully uploaded into our converter, the conversion process will start immediately.
  2. You can use other settings on the online docx files to pdf converter to compress, edit or change the formatting and layout of the resulting PDF document. If you do not wish to change anything, you can allow the conversion to continue as it is.
  3. Once the conversion of the file is done, proceed to download your completed PDF file by clicking the download button. It is as simple as that.

To create PDF documents from your word processor using DOCX to PDF converter. Give it a try today!